Celebrating 20th birthday
of Kennel Shabash and
also we had puppy gathering
of Shabash D-litter.

A great day with wonderful
dog's and good friends !

Super birthday card !

Eelis and Upi wrestling

Fun together

Leila, Marja and Juha.

Eelis hiding.

Marja, Ulla, Leila and me talking
about TT's

Raisa mother is watching
puppy games

Den posing

Boys playing, girls watching


Some trainings on trimming table

Heli and Mikko

Eelis posing

Kata and Mika

The guest of honour, Lola, she will
be 16 in august 2014.

Doris posing

The other guest of honour, my
mother. Lola's owner.

Upi posing

Dixie posing


And the show goes on

What is here ?


Mother and her five babies.