About Us

I got my first Tibetan terrier Millan Mon-Pan `Pablo`1984.Later on he turned out to be most probably mix of Tibetan terrier and Papillon .  Pablo, however, was quite charming personality and lived with me 16.5 years.

The first 'real' Tibetan terrier came to our family in 1988 when my mother got Budoar Sarabanda from Kennel Budoar and 1990  Fin Ch Budoar Dancing Paw`Natsa`came to me. With her I started going to dog shows as well as breeding Shabash Tibetan terriers.

From  the first Shabash litter-93 I kept myself CIB FIN, SE, EE FinW Ch-01, EEW-02 Shabash Jane. She made a brilliant career in dog shows, like by winning BIS-1/-96 and BIS-2/-97 in Tibetan breeds Specialities and being The TT of Year-96 in Finland .  Most of all Jane was an excellent breeding dog. The 'paw prints' of her I want still to appear in my breeding.

As a breeder my goal is to breed healthy, good natured  and  true Tibetan Terriers.

For us dogs are primarily family members, regardless of their show or breeding success.  I have been very fortunate,and hopefully will be, to find  loving and caring homes for my Shabash TT's.

Wellcome to our website !