INT,NORD,FI,SE,NO CH Shabash Frans 'Leevi'
born18.5.2011, om. Ulla Huhtakangas
Nord,FI,DK,SE,EE CH,HeJW-10,BaltW-12,KBHW-13
Sadi-Ya's Hello Handsome
FI CH Shabash Molly

Health results
 Elbows 0/0, Knees 0/0
  Eyes OK, PLL clear, NCL clear
Leevi is very masculin and sturdy male with excellent strong head , beautiful topline and very good angulations. He has a big flat paws and correct texture of coat.
Leevi has a very nice temperament, open and friendly, sometimes a littele bit rollicking :)
Leevin brother and sisters


FI CH Shabash Frank
FI CH Shabash Frankie
FI CH Shabash Franny
Shabash Frida